Bluer than Blue — MOVIE?

If there was ever an industry that needed to poke fun at itself, it’s the industry. And from the few films that your friend Sleuth has seen, the industry doesn’t exactly shy away from the comedy genre. In most cases, though, the writers fail in translating the humor potential into actual humor. That means it’s not funny. Today’s movie is one of the exceptions, actually pulling off a few funny moments.

Blue Movie was shot in 1995 by Wicked Pictures and released onto DVD last year. It stars the other blond bombshell of the industry, Jenna Jameson, who, unlike Janine, doesn’t mind men. Wicked clearly went all out on sets and costuming; the production values are through the roof for a porn film. The DVD has no special features — basically the only reason to own it is better picture quality after the 3000th viewing.

There are actually three plots happening at the same time in the film, when there should only be two. The main plot deals with Jenna as a new reporter assigned to get dirt on a famous director on the set of his new movie. Once there, she gets caught but talks her way into a small part in the film. The part gradually becomes bigger, and eventually she sheds the reporter job altogether to become a starlet. The second plot is actually the funniest. It involves Steven St. Croix as a transvestite director who comes to terms with his gender and in the end hooks up with his bodyguard. She’s man enough for him and he’s woman enough for her. The third and most confusing plot deals with a blue ball that talks to Jenna in a dream in the beginning, and then to Steven at the end. Note to movie makers: Leave out the supernatural elements — no one cares what these characters are dreaming, unless it involves more.

Humor abounds throughout the film, as the actors play actors on the set of the fictional movie. Basically they get to act like caricatures of  stars. And Steven St. Croix dressed up as a woman is funny every second he’s onscreen. One added benefit of Blue Movie’s production is seeing Jenna as she was in 1995, without all the tattoos. Blue Movie does a good job at poking fun at the industry, and that’s worth a viewing by itself especially if you are out in a date using Tinder Plus hack.